• In the beginning :

    in 1978, Khun Suwan Thammaneewong established Petchburee Car Rent Company and began trading with only twelve cars and a total of five staff. In those early days, there were approximately five car-hire companies competing in a market that had considerable demand primarily due to the then, shortage of privately owned motorcars.

  • Strong foundations.

    Khun Suwan realised the business potential and planned accordingly, expanding progressively and as a result, Petchburee Car Rent is still here today whilst others have long fallen by the wayside.

  • Steady growth.

    Nowadays, with more than 7,500 vehicles and staff of more than 550 in all locations nationwide, Petchburee Car Rent still spearheads innovative concepts and thus maintains as a result, a significant proportion of the market.

  • The customer really does come first!

    Client convenience and attention to detail have long been two of Petchburee Car Rent's pledges to its customers. Yet, even in today's more rapidly changing world in which customers rightly demand more - more speedily, Petchburee Car Rent has successfully risen to the challenge without forsaking those valuable attributes.

  • Local in venue

    International in standards. Petchburee Car Rent prides itself on consistently providing a 'scope of services' on a par with the highest of International standards whilst harmoniously retaining its intimate and friendly approach when empathetically relating with customer's needs. Indeed, Petchburee Car Rent is committed to service excellence on a level that others within the industry only dream of.


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